About Us

About us

Alignment with EU internal market legislation eliminates technical barriers to trade, avoids creation of future trade barriers, ensures safety of products and thus facilitates trade.

The Quality Infrastructure in the Western Balkans project works in partnership with ministries responsible for transposing and implementing EU technical legislation; with QI institutions - national standards bodies, national metrology institutes, national accreditation bodies, conformity assessment bodies; with market surveillance authorities; and with industry, directly and through chambers of commerce.

Through training, networking and expert advice, the project supports the alignment and implementation of QI in the construction products and electrical and electronic equipment sectors with that of the EU/EFTA, facilitating trade with the EU/EFTA and within the region.

In those industrial sectors not yet harmonised at EU/EFTA level, the project supports the EU/EFTA principle of mutual recognition of differing national rules and practice.

The project is managed by a dedicated team in Belgrade supported by Key Experts in the main QI fields.